M: 0414-240-999
E: info@jazzacademy.com.au


Dom Vella provides expert teaching on contemporary music to the local area of Wagga Wagga. Not only does he provide over 40 years of musical experience, Dominic has also recently completed his Bachelor of Music studies in Contemporary Performance and is up-to-date with the latest available resources.

No matter the age, skill set or knowledge you may have, a customised plan will be developed to help you reach your musical goals.

Besides music lesson on piano, Dominic can help you with other non-piano based material such as:

  • Reading and understanding chord charts and lead sheets
  • AMEB musicianship theory
  • Improvisation theory and strategies
  • Writing lead sheet and big band arrangements (not orchestral)
  • Using Sibelius and MuseScore notation tools
  • Developing keyboard skills using synthesizers and arranger keyboards
  • Pre-exam/pre-performance advice
  • Contemporary pre-university audition preparation
  • Specialised small-group workshops on improvisation, music history (particularly jazz) and/or working in ensembles
  • Demystifying tritone substitution, chord scale theory, reharmonisation and other jazz terminologies

Dominic provides a unique perspective on learning piano and believes it is the easiest musical instrument to learn, and that traditional methods can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Get in contact to find out more.

First lesson is always free. This is a "must try" opportunity for anyone who has rhythm in their soul, for anyone with a heartbeat.